Core Drilling: A four step guideline

Core Drilling

Efficient Core Drilling

A Four-step guideline.

Core drilling is an intimidating and interesting task a drilling machine is not sure how to go about it. There are a few key things that an operator needs to know and have before commencing the job. In the event of wet core drilling, the operator needs the following things, the correct size core bit, core drill, water hose, water pump, anchor, electric cords, wrenches and correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Horizontal brick wall drilling

  1. Select the correct drilling machine.

Electric core drilling machines are the more common ones in South Africa, however, there is air or hydraulic machines. Giltha uses electric-powered machines where the is no access to electricity we use a generator, and this might make noise. Depending on the job at hand a handheld machine or a heavy-duty machine mounted on a stand and requires rigging.

A handheld drilling machine is mostly used with a short core bit, small and short depth. And we use the heavy-duty for bigger size holes and deeper depth. At Giltha we recommend using well-known brands such as Hilt.

  1.  Have enough water when performing wet core drilling

Using the wet core drilling technique is a hassle, it is important to keep up a proper water flow when using this method. Too much or too little water will interfere with the performance of the equipment. A small pump can help with maintaining the correct water pressure. At Giltha we recommend using a bucket and a small water pump to keep up the pressure. The water helps to keep the core bit cool and improves the efficiencies of the process.

  1. Proper rig anchoring

The correct anchoring of the rig is a must for any concrete core drilling services at Giltha. Not only does it make sure the safety of the one using it and the ones near the working area, but it is also crucial to keep a straight core. This process is crucial when using heavy-duty core drilling machines.

  1. Employ the right speed

The machines used by Giltha operates with revolutions per minute (rpm). Using the correct speed is key to the success of your core drilling task. Normally the larger the diamond core bit diameter the slower it is.

There is also a way to keep the cutting of the core bit at an ideal level. To do this, you may have to use amp meter as it maintains the rpm at a prescribed speed.

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Core Drilling

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