Doing it right the first time

Welcome to Giltha Core Drilling

We believe you are here because you need a hole to be cut, whether you a personal request, business or commercial we can help you. We work with most contractors in plumbing, electrical, controlled demotion, cabling and construction industries making precise holes where they need us to. 

Giltha Core Drilling has built a strong reputation as the leading core drilling and concrete cutting service provider in South Africa over the past 10 years. Our combination of skilled operators, experienced and forward-thinking managers means we get the job done right first time and in a cost effective, every time. We embrace new technologies to save time, money and the environment. Concre core drilling provides a reliable and flexible way to prepare for construction work such as plumbing and electrical services, telephone cables and ventilation shafts.

Our skilled and extremely versatile core drillers are specialists in using core cutting, hole drilling and concrete cutting equipment to provide you the most effective results quickly and in a cost effective manner in South Africa. we offer business and residential concrete work and have worked with many firms over the years. Our team is made up of well-trained core drillers with years of expertise within the field and is available for projects of any size. 

With over 20 years combined experience and 200 hours of training, they are well prepared to tackle any project.

We know Health and Safety is important to you and for our workforce, We put safety at the forefront of what we do. Our teams and machinery are fully health & safety compliant to ensure we deliver the highest standard every time. 

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